Our Annual General Meeting is coming up on Feb 24th!

This will be held at the new Bill and Helen Norrie Library at 15 Poseiden Bay at 2:00pm on the 24th of February, 2024

The Annual General Meeting of the Manitoba Geocaching Association will open with a Techno Class on finding Geocaches and Adventure Labs without data. We will be joined for this by a well known local cacher that has found over 4000 caches and labs without the use of data. Come out and learn how to do this and save the roaming fee when you leave the province or cross the border to the south.

During the brief AGM we will have an election of officers as well as present and vote on changes to the by-laws. You may submit names of people that you may wish to nominate to the board and changes that you may want to see in the by-laws to mbgaexec@outlook.com. If submitting a name please ensure that they wish to become a part of the board. An agenda as well as the old by-laws will be posted soon on the website and facebook page.

MBGA AGM and Finding Caches and Labs without data

MBGA Bylaw Proposals.pdf