Monthly Manitoba Geocacher Stats

Here are the monthly Manitoba Geocacher Stats!

July 2020

July brings us the height of summer with its high temps and long sun-filled days. It’s perfect for road trips down dusty backroads or canoeing and camping deep in the backwoods. The question is, were you caching because you were out there, or were you out there because you were caching?

Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for July 2020.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
16000 - Awol
15000 - markzsalmon
14000 - Bike4me
8500 - 1Queenand4Jokers
7500 - JAB007
7500 - AngelFreak
7500 - dani_carriere
7000 - Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose
5000 - bevro
4000 - QuiltinAnnie
3500 - lord yorlik
3000 - Jaremian
2000 - tuppergurl
1800 - edigerz
1600 - Peridotgal
1500 - morgan7
1500 - warnor
1400 - SneakyShields
1200 - family_d
1200 - Shebaz Jenkins
1000 - mcphee
700 - 6ofusathome
600 - brancorych1
600 - cricutup-CCT
600 - Marie & Glenn
500 - allygator19
500 - mithere
400 - Librarylizcacher
400 - kitkat878
400 - Woyfamily
300 - 2 loons
300 - Jackdaw709
300 - CGD11
200 - kdogg1313
200 - Flygirl12
200 - dalelord

Look at all those 3 digit milestones! Looks like a whole new crop of cachers is starting to move up the stats race. Good to see that caching is catching new fans!

4100 - Awol
2600 - Bike4me
1500 - JAB007
1300 - Kurt B
900 - 1Queenand4Jokers
600 - QuiltinAnnie

Letterbox hybrid
250 - okeefek
100 - Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose, rungirl159, 1Queenand4Jokers, manymoos
50 - Woyfamily

100 - QuiltinAnnie, Hakliva
50 - Morea1821

Hide & Seek Stats
841 active Manitoba cachers in July (ie., 1+ find/attend).
Top finders
1Queen4Jokers - 609
Xplorer and Ramblin' Rose - 572
JAB007 - 404

A total of 109 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 53 different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:

santivaomnes - 12
PJ38 - 9
Tammy0607, 4elements5senses, klblue, Woyfamily - 6

Special Stats of the Month

Special stat of the month is Favourite Points Received. For local focus, we’ve narrowed the stats to caches hidden in Manitoba as well as by Manitoba cachers. Faves can be awarded for many reasons: maybe it was a tough retrieve, or a tricky puzzle, or a scenic location, or your secret crush finally remembered your name that morning and you haven’t come down yet. But one of the most common reasons is a particularly ingenious hide.

Whatever the reason may be, our top point gatherers are, as are all our favourite point gatherers, responsible for the best Wow moments in Manitoba caching. All of us appreciate a Wow on top of the little smiley, so all of us appreciate those who take the time to apply their creativity to creating a memorable cache.

Jabbywockyz – 2934
Trove Chasers – 2193
gnirips – 1415
crackerjackie – 1308
1Queenand4Jokers – 1251

A hearty hats off to all at the top of Top Favourite Points Received.

June 2020

When I think June, I think ticks. What sticks in your craw about June? Skitter swarms at every shady GZ? Poison ivy forming moats around the preform that’s just hanging there out in the open taunting you? Well, just keep in mind the cachers’ creed (with apologies to the USPS): Neither ticks nor skitters nor poison ivy nor bad coords keeps these cachers from the swift logging of their target caches. Cache on, oh hardy ones, cache on!

Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for June 2020.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
41000 - JB. [Tell us, JB., what is it like way up there in the geocaching stratosphere?]
8000 - GG+J
7000 - rungirl159
5000 - torossi
4000 - PelikanKru
2500 - Jesterotr
700 - Ridd_Family
700 - ElmwoodScavengers
200 - Ken998
200 - KittyKatCaches
200 - trail runner 1.0

4000 - Awol
1800 - markzsalmon
1500 - klblue
700 - GG+J
600 - lord yorlik

Letterbox hybrid
100 - GG+J, Torossi

Hide & Seek Stats
908 active Manitoba cachers in June (ie., 1+ find/attend). Okay, it’s down over 200 cachers from May but May was a freakish month. We’re still way up on the 821 we had in June 2019.

Top finders
Awol - 273
Bike4me - 255
Lord Yorlik - 246

A total of 80 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 30 different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:

Morea1821 - 8
RMNP_SasquatchTeam - 6
4elements5senses - 5

Special Stats of the Month

Special stat of the month is Top Points. Caching doesn’t have a points structure to the game. So Top Points are actually just a total of the Difficulty and Terrain ratings for all the caches you found in a single day. For example, if you found two caches today, and their ratings were D2.5/T4 and D5/T1, you just scored 12.5 points.

ruylopez (2012-02-17) – 3237.5
JB. (2012-02-17) – 3237.5
V A (2017-02-03) – 3225.5
4elements5senses (2017-02-03) – 3220
Jean Déniche (2020-03-04) – 3189.5
Geo-Smart (2020-03-04) – 3189.5
TurdleEggs (2011-04-16) – 2850.5
OHMIC (2011-04-16) – 2850.5
happymole (2011-12-07) – 2743
netleyhunter (2011-12-07) – 2675.5
Arkay950 (2011-12-07) – 2668.5

Look at the dates. Notice how no one in our top 11 did it alone. It was all done in groups of 2 or 3 geo-friends.

JB. and ruylopez had their big day on their first trip to California. They grabbed an incredible 933 caches on a power trail called Route 66. Even more incredible is that’s not their biggest day. On February 16, 2014 they signed logs, without leapfrogging, on 1040 caches in a single day. So why isn’t that their Top Points day? The caches on that trail must’ve had a lower average D/T combination.

A hearty hats off to all at the top of Top Points.

May 2020

Spring has sprung,

Cachin’s begun.

If you want to be wiser,

You’ll use sanitizer.

I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure that was from Macbeth.

Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for May 2020.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds

34000 – ruylopez [oh wow – I had to put sunglasses AND oven mitts on as I typed this number]

16000 – Peter and Gloria [just oven mitts]

5000 – MarcoIslandGirl(MIG)

5000 – MarcoIslandGuy

5000 – Morea1821

4000 – 2rjs

4000 – Sweethearts14

2500 – rag_geopeg

1500 – Myrnandrude

1400 – Minuet7

1200 – keithv83

1200 – I'm-that-guy

1100 – CanokieTrekkers

1100 – family_d

1100 – cowscropsandkids

1000 – CRLJJToes

1000 – beetee19

900 – CCStebankey

700 – C.G.L.W

600 – geo_splint

300 – blondys grey

300 – kitkat878

300 – polarisguy1

300 – Samsyd & family

200 – TeamCEJWDale

200 – 4trax

200 – CorgiCache

200 –

200 – Cw9


1700 – markzsalmon

1200 – rungirl159

800 – AngelFreak, Morea1821

700 – goldfinch99

300 – yakherder, AnjeaF202

200 – fmgail

100 – CRLJJToes

Letterbox hybrid

150 – AngelFreak

100 – Shuddlebug, QuiltinAnnie

50 – spy-d


50 – Morea1821

Hide & Seek Stats

1125 active Manitoba cachers in May (ie., 1+ find/attend). Holy smokes! We went from our least active to our most active month – in consecutive months! April only had 71 cachers. What a rollercoaster of activity! Glad to see so many people taking advantage of newfound spare time to find some cache.

Top finders

Markzsalmon - 414

Morea1821 -345

AngelFreak - 279

A total of 140 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 44 different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:

MosesRIP - 21

Awol - 16

Willowdog1 - 12

Special Stats of the Month

Special stat of the month is Most Cache Types in a Day. We’ve got only four who have snagged 11, and four who’ve snagged 10. Then a whole bunch who have 9.

Bike4Me – 11

V A – 11

KURT B – 11

4elements5senses – 11

Dani_carriere – 10

MHz – 10

Rurbonas – 10

Xplorer and Ramblin’ Rose - 10

The top 4 had their big day together on an epic trip in 2017 that took them on a tour of the upper Midwest. While Project GC shows they found 11 or 12 types that day (depending on if you look at their profiles or the stats page), I’m told they actually found 13 types! It seems benchmarks and lab caches don’t necessarily show up in your stats.

Their list included:














That must’ve taken a lot of planning while traveling to parts unknown. Congrats on putting it all together.

April 2020 

Cachers spent more time looking for everyday living supplies in April than they did for caches. Not too surprising. The payoff in finding some elusive toilet paper is infinitely more rewarding than finding a cache. You should’ve seen the size of the smiley I had when I scored some. But maybe that’s just me. We do have some really serious cachers around here. Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for April 2020. First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number: 

Overall finds 

8000 - KURT B

7000 - AngelFreak

7000 - JAB007
2500 - rag_geopeg
1700 - edigerz
1400 - Myrnandrude
1300 - B.W
1300 - Old Guys 21
1300 - Dracoribon
1000 - chaos10
800 - TDGiesbrecht13
500 - Koopster
300 - CRGH
300 - the6os
200 - 2014dear
200 - polarisguy1
200 - katia b
200 - BuckingLucky


3900 - Awol1400 - JAB007
800 - Sweethearts14
700 - AngelFreak
400 - 2rjs

Letterbox hybrid

100 - AngelFreak, joust gezzin, PelikanKru


50 – Wagonmaker

Hide & Seek Stats 

71 active Manitoba cachers in April (ie., 1+ find/attend). Holy smokes! Compare that to 535 in March and 631 in April 2019. When I predicted a steep dropoff last month, I thought the wheels of our normal trajectory would still be on the ground, skidding down the mountain road to the bottom. With an 89% decline over last April, it’s more like Wile E. Coyote dropping off a cliff. Everybody must be taking social distancing seriously.

Top finders

AngelFreak - 402

Sweethearts14 - 104

2rjs - 97

A total of 59 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:
edigerz – 8B.W – 74elements5senses, KittyKatCachers, Sweethearts14 – 4

Special Stats of the Month 

Special stat of the month is Top FTF Streak by Months. These are the top Manitoba cachers who have active streaks of consecutive months with an FTF. JB. – 102Jean Déniche – 92klblue – 64
Geo-Smart – 61
MarcoIslandGuy – 19

That right there is some serious dedication. We’ve had some slow months with few new hides, yet they’ve kept it up. Honourable mentions to ruylopez (24) and rurbonas (19), who ended their streaks.

March 2020

I can only imagine the incredible puzzle and gadget caches we’re gonna see once they let us back out on the streets. Picture this: cachers tucked away in their burrows for weeks, desperate to scratch that caching itch. Now is the time to finally build that fake birdhouse! Now is the time to finally create that puzzle based on the spouses of left-handed Enlightenment philosophers! Now is the time to finally turn that hydraulic press you’ve had lying around into something useful! Scratch, cachers, scratch that itch. Unleash your creativity and clean out the basement all at the same time. Win-win!

Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for March 2020.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
18000 - Jean Déniche
9500 – Trove Chasers
9000 – Geo-Smart
5000 – Mindless Drifter
1800 - PitterPatR
1400 – Guitarman7
1100 - Ridethesunset
900 - CRLJJToes
500 – geo_splint
300 – J3rsigirl
200 – Far North MGP
200 – CGD11
200 – Cyclorer

4300 – JB.
3800 - Awol
2500 – 4elements5senses
1900 - okeeffek
1100 - Hakliva
700 – Sweethearts14
300 – 2rjs

Letterbox hybrid
100 – 2rjs
50 – Jesterotr, keithv83, Xplorer and Ramblin’ Rose

200 – 4elements5senses
50 – pinch3, lord yorlik

Hide & Seek Stats
535 active Manitoba cachers in March (ie., 1+ find/attend). I predict a steep dropoff in April.

Top finders
Jean Déniche - 1823
GeoSmart - 1819
Awol - 310

A total of 22 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:

CorgiCache – 5
Myst354 – 3
Bubbleshorts, Jace_guilford – 2

Special Stats of the Month

Special stat of the month is a challenge cache that requires a special stat. GC21BKD Manitoba Provincial Park Challenge is quite the epic quest for any true Manitoba cacher. It was created in 2009 so it is restricted to parks with active caches at the time. That does reduce the number of parks one has to visit, but it remains challenging and will keep you on the road. Perhaps that’s why it has seen only 22 finds in just over a decade.

Take some of that quarantine time and map out your target caches and your daytrips. And weekend trips. We will be back out there one of these days.

February 2020

Have all you number fans recovered from that incredible February we just enjoyed? We closed it with a souvenir celebrating Leap Year – I hope you got all the 29th finds you’ll need for the next four years. But the month opened with another souvenir celebrating an extremely rare 8-digit palindromic date 02-02-2020 – the first one in over 900 years! Next one in 101 years! Thank goodness there’s no challenges based on such dates. And, NO, that’s not an invitation to go create one! NO, NO, NO, NO!

Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for February 2020.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
15000 - Awol
12000 - Wagonmaker
6500 - Xplorer and Ramblin ' Rose
4000 - GeoNurseJF
3500 - Willowdog1
3500 - Sweethearts14
3000 - lord yorlik
1600 - edigerz
1500 - HRPlett
1200 - Myrnandrude
1000 - family_d
1000 - Milena67890
900 - beetee19
800 - cmson
700 - farmsong
400 - geo_splint

3600 - Awol
1200 - rurbonas
1100 - rungirl159
1000 - erniebertelmogrover
400 - lord yorlik
300 - yakherder
200 - manymoos

Letterbox hybrid
350 - Awol
150 - markzsalmon
100 - Geocacher Ken, Willowdog1
50 - Jaremian

150 - ruylopez, JB.
50 - Jan&Ken

300 - Peter and Gloria
50 - torossi

Hide & Seek Stats
310 active Manitoba cachers in February (ie., 1+ find/attend). If going to a pub night event means I’m active, sign me up! (Wonder if there’s a tax credit for that? Wonder if my cardiologist is going to give me that look again when I tell him?) But if that’s active, then it seems so inadequate to describe someone who grabs over 1,000 finds in a month. Oh well, life is unfair I guess.

Top finders
Awol - 1034
Xplorer and Rambin’Rose - 144
Bike4me - 105

A total of 27 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 18 different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:

CorgiCache – 3
Awol, CRGH, KittyKatCachers, Hakliva, 4elements5senses, TalonHunter, Bike4Me – 2
QuiltinAnnie – 5

Special Stats of the Month

There’s no checker for palindromes, and GSAK crashed on me. So, for a switch this month, why don’t you tell us about Manitoba palindromes? Have you come across any? It might be the GC code, or the coords, or the hidden date, or the cache name. Tell us about it in the comments.

January 2020

It just doesn’t seem like January if you can’t complain about the weather. Not that I’m complaining. It makes it so much easier to get out there and follow a geotrail. Or make one. Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for January 2020.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
14000 – Awol
6000 – Hakliva
700 – CRLJJToes
400 – 100buxton
200 – TK421

3900 – ruylopez
2900 – Awol
2500 – Bike4me
1900 – Jean Deniche
1300 – JAB007
1100 – Geo-Smart

Letterbox hybrid
200 – 4elements5senses
150 – Bergmannfamily
100 – Family_d
50 – Justinandcindy32, Willowdog1

250 – 4elements5senses
150 – Hakliva

Hide & Seek Stats
227 active Manitoba cachers in January (ie., 1+ find/attend). That’s actually 28 more than December, a whopping 14% increase. There’s two stat holidays in December and none in January. What do you say better explains the increase: new year’s cachelutions or winter vacations in sunny climes?
Top finders
JB. – 201
Trove Chasers – 153
Awol – 123

A total of 40 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 16 different cachers, including our top three hiders of the month:

Hakliva – 8
PJ38 – 6
QuiltinAnnie – 5

Special Stats of the Month

Caches get lonely, too! Have a heart, go brighten a lonely cache’s day with a visit. The top five lonely caches in Manitoba might be a little tough to get to but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve to see your smiling face.

Lake of A Thousand Islands (GCWX8G)
bumper to bumper one (GCZVB7)
Fairies ROCK!! (GC1FCXJ)
Manasan Mayhem (GC27NC2)
Frenchica Island – Kississing Lake (GCG8G5)

Loneliness is calculated by dividing the age of the cache (in days) by the number of finds. Four of our top five lonely hearts are up north, so maybe that’s understandable. But what’s up with that #2? One find since 2006. A little 10 mile one-way trek by snowmobile in the Interlake is holding people back?

December 2019

Time’s up, put down your GPSrs! December is done, 2019 is over. Now all we can do is look at our results. Congrats to all met their caching goals for the year. If they happened to be any of our favourite milestones, well, behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for December 2019.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
17000 - 4elements5senses
13000 - Bike4me
7000 - Jesterphox
3500 - 2Tired2Think
2500 - spy-d
1700 - hct81
1200 - rengens
200 - Justinandcindy32

2800 - Awol
2400 - Bike4me
1200 - Kurt B
600 - Morea1821, Skoki
300 - MightyStrongValiant

100 - MarcoIslandGuy

Letterbox hybrid
700 - ruylopez
250 - Awol
200 - okeefek, Bike4me
150 - JAB007, erniebertelmogrover, Morea1821
100 - goldfinch99, Hakliva, Carl the Cat, lord yorlik
50 - TheDoWoP’s

200- Peter and Gloria
100- Awol

100 - JAB007
50 - MarcoIslandGirl

Hide & Seek Stats
199 active Manitoba cachers in December (ie., 1+ find/attend). These are the cachers who know all about base layers and hand warmers and maybe even snowshoes. Hopefully they know very little about frostbite.
Top finders
Morea1821 - 344
Bike4me - 236
ruylopez - 233

A total of 63 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 21 different cachers.

Special Stats of the Month

Year-end roundup time, cowpokes. Yeehaw, let’s see how we did in 2019 with some annual stats.

New caches – 1441 by 176 cachers
Active Manitoba cachers (ie., 1+ find/attend) – 3060

Top logged caches
GC7NDMH - Prairie Garden - 176
GC23QEJ - Winter Fun Day 2010 - 119

Top Manitoba finders
4elements5senses - 2276
Awol - 2222
Bike4me - 1966

Yep, it looks like caching is alive and well in Manitoba as we enter 2020.


November 2019

November is done so you know what that means: you’ve got one last month to achieve your caching goals for the year. Come on people – priorities! You don’t want to get on Signal The Frog’s naughty list. (Signal being the geocaching mascot, rumoured to haunt naughty cachers by gumming up their space pens.) Behold, I offer you the MBGA Stats Report for November 2019.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
11000 - glacier_ice
7500 - missionMode
3500 - 2rjs
2500 - The DoWoP 's
1700 - PitterPatR
1600 - IceCube3
1500 - IceCube2
1500 - edigerz
800 - snirpy
500 - The Geocache Kings
200 - CRGH
200 - MGD2007

2700 - Awol
1400 - Wagonmaker
1300 - glacier_ice
1100 - dani_carriere
1000 - bergmannfamily, Hakliva, missionMode, Jesterphox
500 - myst354
400 - joust gezzin
300 - devildawg
200 - pugbaby

300 - Jean Deniche, klblue
200 - Awol
100 - MarcoIslandGirl(MIG)

Letterbox hybrid
700 - JB.
200 - klblue, Jean Deniche
100 - Skoki, Trove Chasers
50 - icimondo, PelikanKru, QuiltinAnnie

150 - Jesterphox
100 - Icecube1, KeeGee
50 - Jean Deniche

50 - QuiltinAnnie

Hide & Seek Stats
241 active Manitoba cachers in November (1+ finds). Quite a drop from summer numbers - looks like the annual cacher hibernation has begun in earnest for a certain variety of cacher (ie. cacherius fairweatheretum, pardon my Latin)!
Top finders
Bergmannfamily - 333
Devildawg - 326
missionMode - 224

A total of 64 new caches were hidden in Manitoba, most of them by these three busy hiders:

Hakliva - 43
Jilliann_frog - 7
Woyfamily, CRGH (tie) - 3

Special Stats of the Month

If smileys aren’t enough for you, there’s always souvenirs. Many are only available on certain days, like International Geocaching Day. Others have no time period, like a new state or province. To keep aware of the upcoming limited time souvenirs, subscribe to the weekly email blast from that comes out on Tuesdays.

Top Souvenir Hunters of Manitoba
dani_carriere – 219
Bike4Me – 214
Peter and Gloria – 211
JB. – 210
ruylopez – 203

If you’re looking to boost your souvenir totals this month, look up the 3,2,1 Go! Challenge (Dec 11-Jan 1) and remember the Goodbye 2019/Hello 2020 events on December 31 and January 1.


October 2019

The snow this month showed us what we have to look forward to this winter but it didn’t stop us from getting out Geocaching! Here is your October 2019 Stats Report.

Overall Finds
40000 JB.
9000 Trove Chasers
8000 1Queen4Jokers
6500 JAB007
5500 Hakliva, joust gezzin
4000 dtex
1300 Peridotgal, TBar
1000 MightyStrongValiant, keithv83
900 family_d
300 geo_splint, Reyfish7, Jostlingaround


4200 JB.
3800 ruylopez
2400 4elements5senses
2300 Bike4me
1100 Kurt B
900 Hakliva, Jesterphpox
600 goldfinch99, blazer45
300 PitterPatR
200 TurdleEggs, MightyStrongValiant, Jaremian
100 edigerz

50 AnjeaF200

50 MarcoIslandGuy, dani_carriere

We had 56 new listings in Manitoba with Willowdog hiding 32, Sweethearts14 with 5, and both ColtonWolf and Hakliva with 4.

There were 382 geocachers making at least one found it or attended log this month with the following being top finders.
Top finders
Awol 418
JB. 393
ruylopez 389

Congratulations and welcome to all the new Geocachers out there! The warm summer months always seem to bring in a new crop of geocachers!

There are 6500+ Manitoba geocachers with 20 or less logs to their name! Would meeting others willing and able to answer questions and share tips and tricks have helped the people who are now long gone from the game?
Whether it was a friend that introduced you, a magazine article, stumbling across a strange container somewhere or perhaps you questioned someone lurking in a bush… we are sure you had more questions about the ins and outs of the game! If you still have questions, or just want to check out the social aspect of the game, then we have an event just for you! Bring your questions and we will see if we can pool our knowledge together for you!
Come out November 14 for our evening event So, you want to be a Geocacher ….…/GC8F89K_so-you-want-to-be-a-ge… This is your chance to meet other Geocahers, ask questions and get help navigating through the game! We are hoping to have some people available to answer questions about the different apps, the official app on android and iOS, as well as cachly for iOS.

Hope to see you there, and Happy Caching!

Random Manitoba Geocaching Fact!
The Manitoba Geocache with the most finds to date (and still active) is Winter Fun Day 2010 GC23QEJ with 1491finds!…/GC23QEJ_winter-fun-day-2010

September 2019

With all that rain we had in September, it’s a wonder we have any stats to report. The 2nd rainiest in almost 150 years! More than three times the typical September rainfall! But Manitoba cachers found a way to bob and weave through the raindrops, so here it is, the MBGA Stats Report for September 2019.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
14000 - markzsalmon
13000 - Awol
10000 - Skoki
7500 - GG+J
3000 - Sweethearts14
2500 - Jaremian
1800 - Sunny Owl and Hubby
1400 - festucafinder, morgan7
1000 - cowscropsandkids, Ridethesunset
900 - Bluenoser2, rednoser
800 - beetee19
600 - Capt.Kirk and McDee
500 - cselkirl, LJWASW2017, cricutup_CCT
200 - aaroncfrost, cwmensforth

2600 - Awol
1400 - markzsalmon
700 - Old Billygoat, Hakliva, bergmannfamily
400 - Sweethearts14
200 - AnjeaF202

100 - blazer45
50 - Sweethearts14, wally_k

Letterbox hybrid
100 - Peter and Gloria
50 - manymoos

50 - Sweethearts14

Hide & Seek Stats
691 active Manitoba cachers in September (1+ finds). Maybe the near record setting rain had something to do with it. I can cache in the heat, I can cache in the cold. Cache in the wet – ewwww!

Top finders
Markzsalmon – 621
Awol – 307
JB. – 189

A total of 174 new caches were hidden in Manitoba, most of them by these three busy hiders:

Semb - 115
Plainsrebel, PJ38 – 9 (tie)

Special Stats of the Month

Cache In Trash Out® (CITO) is an environmental initiative supported by the geocaching community. Since 2002, CITO has helped preserve the natural beauty of cache-friendly spaces. In that time, more than 363,000 people have volunteered at 18,000 CITO events. Twice per year, geocachers can earn virtual souvenirs by hosting and attending events during CITO seasons.

Top attendees of CITO events:
Jabbywockyz, klblue - 23 (tie)
4elements5senses, dani_carriere - 22 (tie)

Jabbywockyz hosted a fall CITO in the Dauphin area, and MBGA just created this one in Winnipeg with a tip from Take Pride Winnipeg:

Another is in the works with another community group. Let us know if you’re aware of any spots that could use some CITO attention. MBGA can set it up or provide assistance if you’d like to host one.

We look forward to making a difference to the game board that we all enjoy!

August 2019

Hello Manitoba Geocachers! Welcome to your August 2019 edition of the stats report!
Who has been streaking?
No… No… not THAT kind of clothing-less activity! The logging a geocache on consecutive days type of streaking!
Geocaching HQ gave us little notice that August 25-31 was streak week. It seemed to pop up out of nowhere! It encouraged geocachers to get out there and find/log a geocache for 7 consecutive days. Sounds simple right? NO! Not for everyone! Did you know that Manitoba Geocachers hold some pretty impressive streaks? rurbonas is a caching machine and is holding onto an extraordinarily impressive 2200+ day streak! For those that have a hard time wrapping their heads around that number, let me clear it up… that is SIX YEARS! SIX YEARS of finding a geocache! Other EQUALLY impressive streaks, that for the geocacher have very likely happily ended with 1000+(2+years) days are KeeGee, Bike4me, BeesCook, MarcoIslandGuy and GeocacherKen. Impressive streakers holding it strong so far aside from rurbonas are Sweethearts14 and JB.! There is also a handful of other streakers at the moment! Anyone willing to take on this commitment, WAY TO GO! And CONGRATULATIONS!!!

August 2019 saw 1035 Manitoba Geoachers out and about logging a smile at least 1 Geocache/Event. The top movers were Hakliva (599), 1Queen4Jokers (365) and Peter and Gloria (332).
Manitoba saw 45 Geocachers placing hides or hosting events totaling 99 new listings!
The top listers were TB/RB, ruylopez and tied for 3rd TeamCEJWDale and RW/RW.

There were 80 tracked milestones this month, and here are the lists!

Overall finds
33000 ruylopez
17000 RW /RW
15000 Peter and Gloria
13000 okeefek
10000 bergmannfamily
7000 dani_carrierre,
6000 rekal
5500 rurbonas
5000 Hakliva
3500 PelikanJru
3000 QuiltinAnnie, ShopCrazy
2500 wally_k, LMZ.
2000 santivaomnes, Jesterotr
1900 Google Eyes, tuppergurl
1700 Peppers4, Jan&Ken
1600 TalonHunter
1500 stingy bandits, Team ToCCK, Da_Bowz
1400 edigerz
1300 morgan7, SneakyShields, Guitarman7, Minuet7
1200 Tbar
1100 Dragonfreys
900 mcphee, debdra, Ridethesunset
800 WiiFore
700 lovetheday_14
600 Ridd_Family
400 Datum Unknown, New Caledonian, RivertonTeam,Johnson
300 Woyfamily, xtrabi, AKWNach, PrarieChik, swatie, konakevin, gkrhikers, Celtic5, jkt61, SC.
200 geo_splint, fordrangerguy, K_T_, K&J - Morden, SusanK7000


200 yakherder, Minuet 7, Guitarman7, keithv83
300 PelikanKru
400 QuiltinAnnie
500 1Queen4Jokers
600 Hakliva
900 MarcoIslandGuy, MarcoIslandGirl
1600 Peter and Gloria
2100 Bike4me


50 myst354


650 ruylopez
100 Jesterphox, Morea1821
50 Trove Chasers, morgan7, Sweethearts14, soar15, Skoki, 2rjs


150 1Queen4Jokers
100 missionmode

Lets take a moment to put our hands together and celebrate all that August had to offer for Manitoba Geocachers, and those visiting us!

How was your August?

Any plans for the start of the ‘BER’ months?

Thanks for joining the MBGA as we bring you the August 2019 Stats Report, have an amazing September and we will catch you next time!

Happy Caching!

July 2019 

There are two groups of people in Manitoba--those who are geocaching and those who would like to be geocaching. Our statistician has scoured the data and assembled the following information we've all been waiting for, the July stats report for Manitoba geocachers. Here goes . . .

Cumulative geocaches found for each geocacher:

Overall Geocache Finds

200 TheOffRoadDiver, SAMS School, Reyfish7, woyfamily
300 Tava23res, Bremarver
400 kozy.paintballa, McLeanium
500 Short Cache
600 Pride or Die, calterdan, TDGiesbrecht13
700 WiiFore, Hikhik
800 Dee & T, family_d, MightyStrongValiant
900 keithv83, abeja2, cowscropsandkids
1000 plainsrebel, Lexi2
1200 rengens, Peridotgal
1400 nanabearpaw
1500 TalonHunter, TrippleSTrio
1600 hct81
1900 Jesterotr
2500 Sweethearts14
3500 Carl the cat
4000 Morea1821, myst354, frebill, blazer45
4500 MarcoIslandGuy, MarcoIslandGirl
6000 goldfinch99
6500 AngelFreak, rungirl159
13000 klblue
16000 Jean Déniche

100 abeja2
200 Willowdog1, spy-d
400 Carl the cat, two gemseekers
1200 JAB007
1800 okeeffek
3500 ruylopez

100 glacier_ice, Awol, erniebertelmogrover
400 ruylopez

50 torossi, SneakyShields, blazer45, goldfinch99, rungirl159, AngelFreak, TalonHunter, missionmode
100 dani_carriere, bergmannfamily, Geo-Smart MarcoIslandGirl, MarcoIslandGuy, klblue, Jean Déniche, Bike4me
200 Awol

50 Jesterotr, myst354
500 ruylopez
550 JB.

Caches found and hidden during the month of July:

There were 960 active geocachers in Manitoba for July. The top three are:
Top ruylopez- 371,

There were 135 new listings by 46 geocachers. The top hiders are:

June 2019

Hey tick bait!

Stop checking for little critters and check out the MBGA Stats Report for June 2019! You know you’re just gonna go straight back into the long grass anyway.

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall finds
12000 – Bike4me
7500 – erniebertelmogrover, missionmode, KURT B
6500 – Jesterphox
6000 – JAB007
5500 – Geocacher Ken
4500 – Crazy Owl Chick, Hakliva
3500 – Morea1821
2000 – yakherder, soar15, AnjeaF202
1800 – Jesterotr
1200 – SneakyShields, Dracoribon
1100 – CoolAndrew132
1000 – ilike2travel
800 – Dorchester
700 – beetee19, family_d
600 – AuntieMo
500 – raven one
400 – mithere
300 – Tim16
200 – Jostlingaround, Rtown116, swatie, 5Wolves, buddy jk

2100 – 4elements5senses
1400 – Peter and Gloria
900 – erniebertelmogrover
600 – Geocacher Ken, GG+J
400 – Morea1821, Mustash
300 – 2Tired2Think, lord yorlik, AngelFreak
100 – AuntieMo

50 – JAB007

650 – JB.
600 – ruylopez
150 – Awol, okeefek
100 – 4elements5senses, markzsalmon, JAB0078, erniebertelmogrover
50 – Morea1821, Carl the Cat, family_d

Hide & Seek Stats

821 active Manitoba cachers in June. Can we push it over 1,000 for July? Here’s our most active cachers for June:
Morea1821 – 808
JB. – 322
AngelFreak – 305

A total of 142 new caches were hidden in Manitoba by 42 different cachers, about half of them by these three busy hiders:
Hakliva – 48
Awol – 11
Netleyhunter – 10

Special Stats of the Month

It’s roadtrip season! How many provinces/states can you visit this month? And still arrive home on friendly terms with your travelmates?

Top Region Finders for June – Canada (provinces & territories)
Shuddlebug – 4
TBar – 3
imabarbiegirl & Bri – 3
airborne047 – 3
Dee & T – 3

Top Region Finders for June – worldwide
Awol – 9
Bike4Me – 8
KURT B – 7
Morea1821 – 5
JB. – 5

Get out there and cache!

May 2019


The MBGA is happy to present to you the May 2019 Stats Report!

This month we are looking at who gets the most cache logs!
Overall since the inception of geocaching the top three Manitobans are Jabbywockyz having the most logs received with 66000+, Bergmannfamily with 32000+ and Crackerjackie with 29000+! That is a lot of logs, they have also all done a great service to our community and placed MANY geocaches! Thank you to all geocache creators!
Narrowing it down to the month of May it looks as though people have been doing the power trails, as all three members have active power trails! Semb had 600+ logs, SneakySheilds 500+ and AngeaF202 400+!

As summer comes, we see more and more Geocachers emerge from their winter respite! 813 Manitobans attended one event or found one geocache.
The movers and shakers this month were Angelfreak with 657, Erocks with 317 and Crazy Owl Chick with 311.

In the month of May we saw 89 new listings by 30 people. JAB007, netleyhunter, and Woyfamily top the list!

Onto the milestones!

Overall finds
39000 JB.
7500 1Queenand4Jokers
7000 Geo-Smart
6000 AngelFreak
5000 Erocks
3000 Morea1821, Willowdog1
2500 lord yorlik
1900 soar15, santivaomnes
1600 Jan&Ken
800 sisistralighthouse, cdngrama, mearshcacher
400 6ofusathome, 1purple
300 Rasgettma, MaDHouse125, SpyLor
200 AKWNach, Tava23res, tilly8

? Unknown finds
3800 JB.
2500 Awol
2000 Bike4me
1400 klblue
1100 glacier_ice
1000 Geo-Smart
900 dani_carriere
800 Jesterphox
500 Skoki, Hakliva
400 myst354, Crazy Owl Chick
300 Carl the cat, Erocks
200 AngelFreak
100 GeoBurseJF

Regular Events attended
100 Semb

Letterbox finds
50 dani_carriere, myst354

Multicache finds
50 Hakliva

June is upon us and it looks as though we have a good selection of events happening around the province! Currently there are Coffee, Ice Cream, Pub night, and even a Birthday BBQ in cottage country!

The MBGA hopes everyone has a wonderful June!

This concludes the May 2019 Stats report!

April 2019

For all you stat hounds and number crunchers out there in Manitoba-land, behold the MBGA Stats Report for April 2019!

First, the milestones for overall and a few cache types. Congrats to all who achieved a very satisfying round number:

Overall Finds

200- Richardfam5
300- McLeanium, TDGiesbrecht13
400- margnis
500- 2-LON, Amethyst Rain, ElmwoodScavengers
700- MightyStrongValiant, checkerberries
900- ThePeanutGang
1100- SneakyShields, wolskiwarriors
1200- edigerz
1300- nanabearpaw, festucafinder
1400- swelbergen
1500- hct81, zankat
1700- Jesterotr
1900- AnjeaF202
2000- Boneduster, DanDan61
2500- NovaToba
3500- KeeGee
5500- JAB007
8500- netleyhunter
16000- 4elements5senses
32000- ruylopez

Unknown ?

100- Jesterotr
300- Sweethearts14
800- MarcoIslandGuy, missionmode
1000- KURT B, glacier_ice
1100- Wagonmaker, JAB007
1300- klblue
1500- Jean Deniche
1700- okeeffek
1900- Bike_4_Me
3400- ruylopez
3700- JB.

Regular Events

50- nanabearpaw
150- MarcoIslandGuy, MarcoIslandGirl (MIG), wally_k, Trove Chasers

Letterbox Hybrid

50- glacier_ice
100- klblue


100- dani_carriere
250- klblue

Now for some general stats and a dip into what some might say is the competitive side of things. If you look at it that way.

How can you tell warmer weather has arrived? No, not the smiles everywhere you look and the disappearing snow. It’s that 631 Manitoba Geocachers logged at least 1 find, compared to 310 in March.

Top finders

248 – okeefek
235 – Sweethearts14
224 – klblue & JB (tied for 3rd)

All those whose caching map of Manitoba looks like the MTS Centre would if the Jets were in the last two minutes of the Stanley Cup final Game 7 with a five goal lead were pleased to see 154 new listings in Manitoba (everything including 8 events).

Top hiders

57 - SneakySheilds
23 - AnjeaF202
11 - Richardfam5

Special Stats of the Month

Seeing as the big challenge which ended in April, Cache Carnival, focused on favourites, that’s what we’ll look at this month and this month only.

Most Favourite Points

2,808 – Jabbywockyz
2,041 – Trove Chasers
1,322 – gnirips
1,199 – crackerjackie
1,132 – 1Queenand4Jokers
1,009 – klblue
947 – erniebertelmogrover
944 – Skoki
767 – ruylopez
744 – OHMIC

Top Favourite Caches

170 – BIRD WATCHING…..Cacher Style - GC48NC5
114 – Scooby’s Lunch - GCF771
104 – Grain Elevator - GC5X7RF
99 – Water World - GC4MA6Y

Get out there and cache in the nice weather and dry conditions!

March 2019

Spring is upon us and the MBGA presents to you the March 2019 stats report!
As the weather gets warmer and winter starts to melt away, we see more geocachers emerge from their winter cocoons!
310 Geocachers were out adding their name to at least one log during the month of March! (That's a little more than double from last month!)
19 geocachers added their autograph to 50 or more logs with Awol, freebill and Bike4me topping the list with over 100 each!

47 new listings popped up for March from 16 Manitoba Geocachers! Jan&Ken, Hakliva and netleyhunter lead the list with the most!

The MBGA would like to take this opportunity to thank ALL geocachers adding to this game we enjoy. Without the people hiding and hosting, there would be nothing for the rest of us to find and attend!
Keep up the great work everyone!
If you would like to add to this game and aren't sure where to start, reach out to your community! Many of us are happy to help and guide you while you figure out this sometimes complex game!

Everyone please help the MBGA congratulate the following Manitoban geocachers who hit milestones this past month!
In the overall finds category we have 10 geocachers marking milestones
500 Samh311
600 Sarbear16
900 Milena67890
1000 Tbar, SneakyShields, Canokie Trekkers
1500 PitterPatR
2000 Sweethearts14
3500 GeoNurseJF
12000 Awol

Jamous logged their 50th earthcache while goldfinch99 completed and signed in on their 50th multicache and Old Billygoat their 150th!

Awol wasnt puzzled by their 2400th unknown geocache, 4elements5senses their 2000th, okeeffek their 1600th and bergmannfamily their 600th!

Way to go everyone!

This concludes the stats report for March!

Quite a few events are happening this month as well! Check out the events calendar to see what's going on and where!

Happy Caching!

February 2019

Good Evening Geocachers!

Its that time again where we take a look back at what the last month saw for Geocaching activity!

Everyone grab a beverage of choice and help the MBGA toast the following cachers!
In the overall finds category
15000 4elements5senses
10000 VA
9500 bergmannfamily
2500 QuiltinAnnie
1800 AnjeaF202
1100 Myrnandrude, edigerz
700 cmson, snirpy
400 jovs29
200 The Lanes4

Breaking it down into some of the different types we have Awol hitting 2300 and Old Billygoat with 600 Unknown finds! Old Billygoat also attended their 100th regular event while Skoki made their way to the final of their 50th Multicache!

When it comes to qualifying for milestones, I have opted to track and adopt the following celebratory marks:
Earth, multi, letterbox, regular event caches every 50th find
Unknown geocaches celebrated at every 100th
Overall finds gets a little confusing with celebrations starting at 200 finds (thats where cacherstats decides to start)with every 100th up to 2000 finds getting recognized, every 500 up to 10000 finds, and every 1000 finds over the 10000 total finds mark.

150 Manitoban geocachers were out and about finding at least one geocache or attending an event during the month. 18 Manitoba geocachers found 50 or more geocaches with the busiest legs belonging to 4elements5senses with over 1000 finds, V A not too far behind and both Awol and Bike4me putting their names on more than 100 logs! Way to go cachers!

February saw 4 events held and 1